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The Global Mission 

The Global Mission

Dear Disciple in Christ:

We praise and thank God for the eternal salvation freely given to us by faith alone, through grace alone, in Christ alone.  We will praise and thank God throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity for His disinterested love towards us when we were without spiritual strength or genuine moral worth.

We are in the last hour of this world's existence.  We who are sons and daughters of God have a commission given to us by the Master.  We must begin to seriously and diligently finish the work of God in a lost world.  Every member of the body of Christ must fulfill his/her function in the body.  There is no more time for relaxed nonchalant Christianity.  We must return to the old time primitive discipleship which forsook all other priorities. They labored with all their energies and with all they owned for the kingdom of heaven's sake.

My wife and I have founded God's Final Call and Warning, Inc.  The vision and mission of God's Final Call and Warning, Inc. is making disciples, publishing literature, and producing tapes and CD's of pure moral light and life.  These gems will be distributed to "every nation, kindred, tongue, and people."  Revelation 14:6.

We would like to be in your area soon ministering to encourage all God's people to "be fishers of men."  Millions are perishing and are in desperate need of what we have been given as a gift to share!  We would like to come and share with your company our ministry of encouragement.  We prayerfully look forward to receiving a warm response from you to come and share with your company  what God has given to us.


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GFCW Reaching the World - Donate NOW!  All major credit cards accepted - click on the "Donate" button below

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