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     The master deceiver, who according to the Bible, before iniquity was found in him was a (Ezek 28:12)  being so richly endowed with the wisdom of the Infinite One, that Lucifer was well equipped to through perversion, misrepresentation and misinterpretation to deceive 1/3 of the angelic host and mankind. 

     The Arch deceiver who was a liar from the beginning John 8:44 understood from the inception of sin that he must seek to conquer by division.  Accordingly, the human family or mankind, which was created in the very image of God, Satan sought to divide in order to conquer.  This stratagem the enemy of God and all righteousness has used and has brought to marvelous maturity over the centuries.  In a special sense the family is the main target of the destroyer.  Satan's plan is to destroy the image of God as reflected in the family unit, by dividing the family.  Rejection of God, child abuse, infidelity, homosexuality, substance abuse, parental permissiveness, disobedient children, financial pressures, worldly ideals, perverted morals, selfishness, and divorce are but a few of the problems created and used by Satan to divide and destroy God's image as reflected in the family unit.

     We need to understand something that Satan understands quite well.  In order to divide and conquer nations, Satan knows well that He must begin with the most basic unit of society, which is the family.  Broken and divided families produce broken and divided communities, which ultimately produce broken and divided nations.

     The family in a great measure represents, and should reflect the unity, intimacy, intercourse, and productive fruitage, that exist in the Creator, who is three persons, yet, one being!  The intimate relationship that exist between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit has spawned all the universe with all that resides therein.  Mankind or the family was created to reflect the image of God, and through intimate intercourse with one another in multitudes of different spheres the family, thus mankind is to be productive in multitudes of different areas.  If this God created ideal were actualized in the families of today, the nations could do nothing less than reflect the image of God.  But unfortunately, Satan through sin has succeeded all too well in destroying the basic unit which are the building blocks of every nation.

   In conclusion let us consider the answer to the woes of humanity.  It is only when each member of the family loves God first and above all other persons, things and concerns that they can truly love unselfishly and faithfully one another.  The family that prays together frequently every day stays together.  The family that serves each other, rather than seeking to be served, has harmony among themselves.  The family that is heavenly minded, and not earthly minded; the family whose home is heaven and not this world is a place where peace reigns and eternal productivity flourishes.  In order for the family which is the basic building blocks of society and every nation, to reflect the image of God as it was originally created to reflect, God must be the absolute Lord of the lives of each member of the family.  A simple answer to the degenerate condition of the nations in all the world today, is God in control in each individual home, neighborhood, and thus every nation. 


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